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Marlon Retana

Preach the … What?

Paul never told Timothy to preach only on the pretty things of life. Neither he told him to do it only on what is wrong in the world. And certainly, he did not tell Timothy to talk about himself. Whosoever preaches, needs to avoid the error of start talking about himself. It is not about us, it is about God!

Estar Contentos

Querido lector, Pablo sabía lo que había perdido, pero también sabía lo que ganaba. Aprendió a vivir en riquezas y a vivir en necesidad. Aprendió todo eso porque comprendió que Cristo es todo lo que necesitamos para vivir una vida satisfactoria

Be Content

Dear reader, Paul knew what he lost, but he also knew what he gained. He learned how to live in riches and how to live in necessity. He learned all of that because he understood that Christ is everything we need to live a satisfactory life.