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Articles that were written in regards to the service in the Lord’s church.

Honoring My Mentor, Ted J. Clarke

During my short time at Memphis School of Preaching, I was blessed with the opportunity to sit at the feet of wonderful servants of our Lord. One of them recently retired from the School, and this article is based on what I was blessed to say about our relationship during his retirement dinner. His name, Ted. J. Clarke, also known as brother T. J.

Influencers For Christ

Jesus Christ commands us to be light, a light that shines before men, that they may see our good works (Matthew 5:14-16). He tells us why these good works must be carried out, to glorify our Father who is in heaven. The Christian must do good, not for the simple purpose of being seen by others, so they think “Oh, he/she is such a good person,” but because it is the right thing to do…

The Recipe of True Worship

I am the kind of person that likes to eat but does not cook, however, when I cook (which is not often) I do my best to follow the recipe entirely, especially the proportion of the ingredients. I read somewhere that recipes are for cooks what formulas are for chemists. Think about it, how disastrous could be the result of a chemist when he adds, changes, or omits a component

Can We Stop Gossiping?

While I usually write to all mankind, I want to address this article to members of the Lord’s church. Yes, dear brothers and sisters in Christ, this is for us. Stop and think for a moment, how much damage does gossip make to the church?

Are You Having A Bad Day?

There are many moments in our lives when we think and ask ourselves “Why is this happening to me?” It seems to be a natural thing. Usually, we do not ask that same question to ourselves when everything is going well. When the grass is greener from our side and not from our neighbor’s side. So yes, it might be the case that, at that moment, we are having a bad day.

A Bookworm or a Doer?

Do you know who was Isaac Asimov? He was an American writer and biochemist, highly successful in the science and science fiction areas. If you have been able to watch movies about robots, you might recall the “three Laws of Robotics”. He is the father of those. But he was also an atheist.

A Very Expensive Screw

Did you hear the story about a CEO, a technician, and a screw? How can be that story related to the preacher’s duties or his relationship with the brethren at the congregation?

21st Century Glasses

Have you ever consider that, for those in the First Century, their time was the modern time? Indeed it was. It was their time, their culture, their language, their tools. They used everything they had available to proclaim the message of God.