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Family Life

Articles that were written in regards to the home.

Honoring My Mentor, Ted J. Clarke

During my short time at Memphis School of Preaching, I was blessed with the opportunity to sit at the feet of wonderful servants of our Lord. One of them recently retired from the School, and this article is based on what I was blessed to say about our relationship during his retirement dinner. His name, Ted. J. Clarke, also known as brother T. J.

Thinking About Our Children

Let us not be fearful when it is the time to educate and discipline our children, even the world will thank us afterward. They will be God-fearing men and women, respectful of His word, and doers of good works. They will be responsible not only in their studies but also in their professions and in the homes they will make. They will be good examples not only to society but also to their children and grandchildren.

Adoption: A Blessing from God

Adoption is not an easy neither cheap process. Hours of study, research, planning, and many other efforts are dedicated by couples who want to have the opportunity to rear a child after trying so hard to bear their own. God has the desire that we come back to him, to adopt us.

A Tough Day

Almost three months ago, Sonia Venegas, my mother had a heart surgery as per her doctor’s request. We all knew that this surgery will be very difficult and that it might have some complications, but she trusted in her doctor, and the procedure was made. Today, she died around 2:15 am. She was 57 years old.

Sweet Child Of Mine

If you have children, please keep reading this article. If you not, but are thinking about it, please read it. If you do not have either want to have children, please read it so you may understand those who have them. And, please, if you had children but they are no longer among us, this article has a lot to cover about it and we are thankful for you and the time you dedicate to read this.

Rescuers Of Love

The Song of Solomon, from the thousand and five he wrote, is the one that the Holy Spirit inspired to be part of the Scriptures. Of the thousand women that Solomon had as wives and concubines, one is the dedicated in this beautiful love story, yes, as you read, this song is about a beautiful love story that needs not only to be told and read, but also taught in every marriage.

Safe At Home

“Safe at Home” is more than a phrase we can use to refer when a Baseball player is able to score for his team. In order to be safe at home, we build our houses not only as a comfortable place, but we also add some items to keep us secure from those who want to take what is not theirs, and also from storms, floods, winds, heat, cold, and other situations that might be dangerous to us. To be safe at home is to know that in that place we will find people that love us, support us, encourage us, and be there for us.