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Articles that were written in regards to missionary work.

Aggos, A Vessel Filled With Good Things

Aggos, is a Greek term meaning “vessel or container”. Recently, a group of brothers has dedicated many hours in giving us what they define as “a private, curated online platform for the global church of Christ”. In this short article we will see why, without a doubt, it is a vessel filled with good things.

Why Me?

Did you ever ask yourself that question? I did. As a matter of fact, I did it many times during my life. To be honest, before I started to write this article I asked that question, and then, decided to start writing. I can assure you that, probably, 99% of the times I asked that question was because something wrong happened to me, or might be happening to me. But, this article is not about me, but about what causes each one of us to ask ourselves that question.

What Is A Missionary?

While people might give up on the missionary, while the missionary might give up on himself, God did not give up, He gave Himself for all of us, and the opportunity that we have today to be saved!