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Articles that were written in regards to the practice of Prayer.

Are You Having A Bad Day?

There are many moments in our lives when we think and ask ourselves “Why is this happening to me?” It seems to be a natural thing. Usually, we do not ask that same question to ourselves when everything is going well. When the grass is greener from our side and not from our neighbor’s side. So yes, it might be the case that, at that moment, we are having a bad day.

Would You Pray With Me?

Let us meditate on this for some time. Who needs prayers? Everyone, right? Taking into consideration the current pandemic, let me suggest to us about some people that need our prayers

The Prayer That God Hears

Many people around the world believe in the power of prayer, and certainly the prayer is powerful, but it should be noted that the Word of God teaches us that He does not hear the prayers of all, but only the ones from the righteous ones, and we will briefly study on this statement that I have just made.

Sweet Child Of Mine

If you have children, please keep reading this article. If you not, but are thinking about it, please read it. If you do not have either want to have children, please read it so you may understand those who have them. And, please, if you had children but they are no longer among us, this article has a lot to cover about it and we are thankful for you and the time you dedicate to read this.